Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GENiUS iHotel ?
   Ans : We are the Thai Software under ThaiSoftware Enterprise Co., Ltd., which has been established for more than 19 years. We launch our products and services in software to support various type of business and education under the brand ‘ThaiSoftware’ and we do have a very specialized software in managing hotel businesses called GENiUS iHotel.

2. What is a hotel management system ?
   Ans : It is a software that’s being used for managing hotel, resort, guest house, or apartment, which includes front office operation and back office operation as well as reservation, check-in/checked-out, cashier, housekeeping, and maintenance. 
3. What is/are qualification(s) for the hotel business that suit(s) the system ?
Ans : If you are the owner or SME of hotel, resort, guest house or room service businesses and have internet, you’re able to use our software, GENiUS iHotel. For more details, please contact 0-2575-3959 or

4. Why do we need hotel management system ?
   Ans :  For those owner or entrepreneur who have vision and want to reduce the cost as well as enhance the capability in customer service. To use hotel management system will help you to achieve the service standard with the technology designed and programmed by the expert in hotel business for more than 10 years.

5. What is Cloud Computing ?
   Ans : It’s the fundamental concept of technology, in which we use many computers linked together but they don’t have to be at the same place to connect through internet network and internet based and mobile applications, such as Google App, will allow you to access and manage your business or use it for a conference, chat, create a community so that you can get in touch with everyone from everywhere at any time. GENiUS iHotel is system that enables to manage your hotel from everywhere at any time from any devices; whether or not, it is a PC, Notebook, Tablet, and smart phone. Therefore, it’s the system that is most flexible and convenient.

6. What is Azure ?
   Ans : Azure or Windows Azure is the technology developed by Microsoft in order to provide Cloud Computing Service, which all expenses are charged according to real data usage through Microsoft Data Center and its tool will automatically help managing your business. It’s safe and reliable.

7. Who is our customers ?
   Ans : Our customers are owner, entrepreneur or management of hotel, resort, guest house, apartment, room service, and restaurant who have many branches in different places locally and worldwide.

8. Who developed the system ?
   Ans : ThaiSoftware Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the Thai owner that developed the system and established since 1998.

9. Where to buy the program ?
   Ans : GENiUS iHotel is a web based service through internet connection. Any interested business, please contact us for a free trial. Click here for more details. 

10. How to apply ?
   Ans : Free trial for a standard package for one year with no limit in number of rooms, number of customers and accumulated annual income is less than 1.8 MB per year. 

11. How to contact the company ?
   Ans : Please contact ThaiSoftware Enterprise Co., Ltd. at 19/26 Chuan Chuen Modus Centro Village, Soi Chaengwattana-Pakkret 41, Chaengwattana Road, Klong Klua, Pakkret, Nonthaburi 11120. Tel. 0-2575-3959. Fax. 0-2575-3963. E-mail.

12. Do you have the after sales service ?
   Ans : Our after sales service agent are very professional and support our customers 24 hours. Due to our GENiUS iHotel is a web based and stored all the information on Cloud Computing, we can solve your problems that may occure immediately. Moreover, we have a training session for our customers.