Hotel Management System on Mobile Phone
GENiUS iHotel for Mobile

     The application is for business owner or hotel, resort, guest house, hostel managers can generate any reports from everywhere and every time, including general management report, operation report, and then analyze and summarize those reports. With its standard reports that are daily, monthly, and yearly, can be effectively used to plan sales, marketing, operations, financial management as well as cost control, which are the followings;

Features in
GENiUS iHotel for Mobile

 My Dash Board 
  It shows number of rooms that unoccupied, stayed, closed for renovation, checked in & checked out and including breakfast for customer.

    Arrival / Departure List
 It shows all customer’s information both checked in & checked out.

    Room Statistics And Revenue
✓ Sales income report and room sales statistic report.

    Room History And Forecast
 ✓ Room history report and sales forecast report.

    Revenue By Folio
  Sales income report by inventory

    Revenue By Agency
 ✓ Sales income report through agency

    Summary Folio Item
  Sales income summary report by each item.

    Room Available Forecast
  Room reservation forecast report 7 days in advance. 

    Business Source Report
✓ Channels sales income report.

    Revenue By Nationality Report
Revenue report categorized by nationality.

    Agency Statistic Report
✓ The statistic report categorized by agency.

    Monthly / Yearly Compare Report
✓ Month-to-Month and Year-to-Year comparison report.

Operating system requirements
    iOS 8.0 or later on iPhone or iPad. Download application
   ✓ Android 5.0 or later on Samsung mobile phone or Samsung tablet. Download application

Other requirements
   ✓ GENiUS iHotel for Mobile Privacy Policy
    Terms and Conditions

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