Hotel Management System
GENiUS iHotel

If you encounter any troubles in managing the hotel as the followings

✓ Late reports to top management
✓ Difficulty in work-auditing
✓ Financial insecure or fraud
✓ Unable to enhance business development
 Incorrect hotel booking
High rate of employment turnover

GENiUS iHotel can help you the followings

Manage the hotel from anywhere and anytime
Build up the sales
Easy to do work-auditing
Create a good image of the hotel
Small size hotel is compatible with the system
 All information from each department linked to one another
✓ The increasing of sales will help developing the hotel
✓ Additional programs that enhance a better & faster customer services
Faster customer managementservices
✓ Having instant reports that can be generated for top level management
Reducing work load from IT Department so he can do another job functions
Reducing duplicate works.

Outstanding features of GENiUS iHotel

     GENiUS iHotel is a hotel management system developed by Thai. It is a 100% perfect Web Application base on the internet that supports Cloud Computing, in which you can use the system from anywhere at any time through any devices. The system is suitable for management and his employee to work and a truly online management.

It’s a perfect 100% internet base which can be used from desktop, tablet and mobile device.
Multiple data entry with no user limits.
 Authorization level can be assigned for each role. Data is always secured from none users and remained confidential.

 Standard reports can be generated immediately, including general management reports and operation analysis reports, so that you don’t have to create a new form.
✓ Data entry includes customer information and hotel’s revenue that can be used for further business analysis.
There is a standardized automatic data backup.

What you will get from GENiUS iHotel

    The ability to manage hotel business and its people within organization effectively is the core of the system and build up the good image to both customer and business partner.

Work efficiently more than ever

 Manage sales revenue and analysis reports in which you can use these statistic to do strategic planning and create new opportunities for distribution channels.
 Manage employees within organization effectively and effectiveness in results.
 Build up good image for business.
 Help reservation department to reserve, check room status, and make reservation right away.
Help cashier department to summarize, generate reports and send to management.
 Help finance department to manage account receivable/payable effectively.
 Help housekeeping department to record after cleaning the room and monitor.
 Help maintenance department to do repair records, check repair history, and summarize repairing cost.
✓ No IT technician is required to do any software maintenance after installation so he could do another tasks.

Worth for investment

One device can be used by multiple users.
✓ 24 hours back up system..
✓ 24 hours service support.
 Minimal investment. No need to pay for the licensed hotel software that costs a hundred thousand to a million Baht.