Restaurant Management System
GENiUS iRestaurant

The restaurant management system is the system that helps you to manage your restaurant easily, which it can be used for a stand-alone restaurant or a hotel’s restaurant.

GENiUS iRestaurant can help you.

     There will be no more wrong orders, better service, build up a good image for an advanced technological restaurant while ordering, and a lot more systems that supports the followings;

    ✓ Change table or consolidate table
    ✓ Create menu
    ✓ Food or drink orders through tablet, smart phone
    ✓ Order printing directly to kitchen and beverages bar
    ✓ Transfer food bill to room bill
    ✓ Bill can be printed both in Thai and English.
    ✓ Inventory system

Outstanding features

Unlimited of setting password and authorization levels for each staff.
Unlimited of setting zones and number of tables.
Unlimited of issuing order bills.
System is compatible for à la carte and set menu.
✓ System can specify ingredient of each menu in order to calculate cost and manage inventory in order to sell effectively.
 System can set different amounts, gross amount, tax amount, total amount and service charge.
System can set variety of discounts in term of amount or percentage discounts.
System can set entertainment budget and OC budget for management or staff.
System can reserve table, move or consolidate table, separate or consolidate bill, cancel order, and cancel bill.
System has table status checking; whether or not, it is occupied to serve.
 Waiter can take order through touch-screen computer, tablet or smart phone. (Windows OS)
✓ Print order to many different kitchens such as Thai kitchen, International Kitchen, Japanese kitchen, Beverages bar, and etc.
 Menu ordered can be displayed through computer screen in each kitchen.
Multiple payment options such as cash, credit card, voucher, and charge to room.
Receipt can be printed in long bill and tax invoice both in Thai and English.
Cancellation receipt can be printed for kitchen.
System can support customer’s transference from other business partners such as other restaurants, hotels and resort, and etc.
Help reducing errors in calculations.
 Help reducing duplicated information in other systems because our system can be transferred and consolidate data to room service.