Web Booking Online

   It’s the system that enhances business opportunity and increase service level in order to access to wide range of customers. You won’t miss any market opportunity in which you customer can reserves the room through your website.

Advantages why you should use online booking system

It’s advance online booking system that is easy to use, fast and effective.

Reduce the time to service upon checking in.

The customer’s booking detail is automatically recorded into main system.

Customer can do the booking by himself easily in just a few steps.

Customer can settle the payment by credit card and print booking confirmation immediately

It will increase sales volume, reduce additional cost or commission fee from agent

Outstanding features

   ✓ The system can set marketing promotion such as room type, and set pricing during high season or off season as well as a package.
   ✓ The system can record customer’s reservation from hotel website directly.
   ✓ The system can record the reservation date in advance with no any time limit.
   ✓ The system can reserve unlimited rooms depending on the number of rooms we set.
   ✓ By the time customer reserves, he can know the availability at real time.
   ✓ The system is synchronized with front line operation and displays the detail whenever there is customer’s booking.
   ✓ Help reducing duplicate works in booking.
   ✓ Payment gateway compatible, depending on the hotel company. (The hotel company will have to contact payment gateway provider for more details.) This will help minimizing the calculation errors.